Persistent Vodka

Alpine Persistent Vodka


Available at State Liquor Stores and at our Distillery.

For our award-winning Persistent Vodka we set out to craft the most delicious, clean and drinkable Vodka in the world.  This is a picture of my grandmother’s family in Blue Springs, Mississippi.  Do they look like they’d tolerate a Vodka that tasted harsh, wasn’t gluten free or cost $50?   No sir!  I never met anyone in this picture but I can tell you that I’d be on my best behavior.  Crafting spirits that are timelessly delicious is something we value and we certainly have accomplished that with Persistent.


We start with 100% corn which is 10x distilled, using a Column Still and then a Bain Marie Pot Still, to control time on copper.  The Vodka is filtered using a lenticular system with activated charcoal which “softens” the distillate and creates the clean finish for which this spirit receives accolades.  Our reverse osmosis, nano demineralized water is treated to remove harsh minerals and used to proof the spirit to 40% alcohol by volume.

Kosher Certified

Persistent Vodka

SIP Awards – Silver Medal