Spur Whiskey

Spur Whiskey


Available by bottle in State Liquor Stores, Online and at our Distillery.

Available in Shot Form at Spur and your favorite bar.

Daniel Farmer, Harlan KY

This is my great, great Grandfather Daniel Farmer.  He was a lawyer in Harlan Kentucky in the 1800’s which meant, I’m guessing, that he had to travel for work to meet with clients throughout Appalachia.  Can you imagine how bad some of the spirits he was offered?  These were the kind of spirits that would take rust off Oldsmobiles. If he could have counted on having our Spur blended whiskey – a blend of two Gold-medal winners, I’m sure he would have been happier.

The Spur blended whiskey started life as a casual conversation between old friends Cortney, Fabio and Dr. Hofmann – owners of the Spur Bar & Grill on Main Street, Park City.  We were comparing the responsibility of being a Kentuckian making whiskey to being innovative bar owners on a classic Main Street setting.  Reviewing taste profiles we each discussed what we liked in our Traveler’s Rest Single Malt and in our Bourbon.  It quickly became apparent that if we could find the right balance and bring forward the best in our two base whiskies something magical and delicious could happen.  Our French Oak aged single malt has a wonderful banana, mocha note finish with a vanilla spice; our Bourbon brings the corn sweetness and American Oak brown flavors with very subtle rye spice.  Together this blended whiskey can be compared to a Porsche GT3 RS with cruise control or a Ford Raptor with heated/cooled seats.  If you want it, it’s there.

Crafting a spirit that excels as both a sipping whiskey and in complex cocktails is challenging.  We’re confident that Alpine Spur Blended Whiskey will find a place in your whiskey canon.

Spur Blended Whiskey