Summit Gin

Pinner, Middlesex County in London, England

Summit Gin available at our distillery.

The photo above is the High Street of Pinner, a beautiful village 20 minutes outside London England.  This was my home as a young, impressionable teenager and the very top of the street was a bar where my friend, Bil, bartended.  (Ask me about the ghost we saw in the church lawn one night if you come in to the distillery!)

It was here in London that I first tasted Gin and learned the fascinating and important significance of this spirit to the British culture.  Crafting a Gin that is both modern and respectful of traditions has been a delicious and fun challenge and I’m excited about the response that Summit Gin is receiving from both seasoned drinkers and younger, new to the scene enthusiasts.

Many of the choices in how to make Gin come from still design.  There are great Gins that are compounded with oils, uniquely crafted in Carter stills, Coffey stills or exclusively shaped using botanical baskets.  We use a Bain Marie still (indirect heat) and follow an old tradition of multi-day soaking our botanicals at various alcohol concentrations to pull desired oils in to balance.  As much fun as it is making Preserve, dumping barrels or blending our Spur – the energy and scents that fill the distillery on the run of this Gin is special.

Provenance for our botanicals is listed below – each is Kosher certified and the best example of the products that we could find.   Summit Gin is distilled ten times, kosher and bottled at 90 proof.

Juniper Berry Juniperus Communis; Croatia

The heart of Gin flavor

Coriander Seed Coriandrum Sativum; Egypt

This adds a complex pepper flavor to the Gin

Angelica Root Angelica Archangelica Officinalis; France

Aromatic Family (related to celery) – slight licorice note

Cardamom Elettaria Cardamomun; Guatemala

Warm & Spicy with lemony undertones

Ginger Root Zingber Officinale; India

Sharp, Spicy

Orange Peel Citrus Sinensis; USA

Tart, sharp citrus note

Lemon Peel Citrus Limon; USA

Sweet notes with tart finish