Alpine Water

Superior Water Makes for Quality Spirits

Water is a critical component of fine spirits. The choice to use a natural source, municipal tap or engineered supply demands the highest level of analysis from the distiller. Understanding the acidic vs. alkaline balance, hardness, temperature and how the spirits will be served is paramount to creating products that best utilize natural minerals to enhance the drinking experience.

Alpine Distilling’s facility was chosen specifically for the water supply. Our water comes from an under-mountain aquifer in Summit County that is separate from the city supply and arrives at the distillery at 52 degrees, 354 ppm and at a pH of 8.0. The water is high in minerals and iron. Working with the experts at Water Science, we engineered a carbon-filtering, double reverse osmosis and nano-technology system to both soften and balance the natural electrolytes while reducing the harsh iron.

For our Persistent Vodka we bring our nano-technology treated water to a prescribed pH and hold the water between 60-66 degrees, turbidity is not a concern. This creates a natural crisp and clean effect that balances beautifully with our ten times distilled 100% corn, Kosher Vodka.

Alpine’s products are designed to be highly delicious. Our dedication to providing you with the best spirits in the world demands that we carefully evaluate every step of the process and make decisions that support that commitment.