Meet the Distiller

Seeking to take his ancestors’ affinity for moonshining to the next level, Rob Sergent boldly founded Alpine Distilling in Park City, Utah. The first Sergent to distill professionally, he strives to pay homage to the flavorful European spirits he enjoyed while living for many years in Great Britain and Germany. His culinary education has given him the skills to create an unrivaled complexity of flavor and aromas in Alpine’s products.

Having moved with his family to Park City in 2011, Rob instantly developed a passion for the world-class resort town and knew he wanted to nurture a business that complemented Summit County’s greatness and many accolades. Prior to establishing Alpine Distilling, he held high-level positions with Johnson & Johnson and the National Football League. Following his successes in the corporate world, Sergent says, “I wanted to create something from scratch that I am passionate about, teach my kids the value of hard work, and give back to the community we love.”

In 2015, Rob set out on this new venture by taking courses in Louisville, KY, led by master distillers. Having learned the science, he created his vision for the brand, which is rooted in his childhood in Kentucky. His grandmother used whiskey medicinally in Hot Toddys to treat her grandkids when they were sick (after all, she was a graduate of Ole Miss, home of the “Hotty Toddy” chant). And the enjoyment of spirits was an integral component of the bonding that took place during gatherings with family and friends.

Sergent believes in crafting spirits in a manner that reflects community values. To that end, Alpine’s products are inspired by Park City’s natural environment, outdoor pursuits and healthy lifestyle. Ingredients like Primrose and Artemisia are proudly cultivated from local fields to lend homegrown flavor to our products. Alpine Distillery’s mission is to be a steward of the Summit County culture through craft spirits and to drive resources to charities that further support wellness, healthy living, and environmental responsibility.