Preserve Liqueur & The Swaner Nature Preserve & EcoCenter

For the remainder of 2017, 5% of sales from Preserve Liqueur will go to the Swaner EcoCenter.  Please see the card and call the distillery or the Swaner EcoCenter with any questions on this program.  We are so excited to be aligned with such an important local green space and your help in this promotion is very much appreciated.

Preserve Liqueur is the spirit that started the Alpine portfolio.  Sitting on our back deck, which happens to be on the preserve, and watching the sun setting over the Uinta Mountains I challenged myself to turn those brilliant colors in to flavors.  The outline of the mountains became the black tea, the sun cast a color not red, not orange but something beautifully in between – that became blood orange.  For the bright red around the blood orange we use raspberry and for the fading yellow light we use lemon balm.  We finish with ginger and use a Kosher, 100% corn base for the spirit.

We enjoy Preserve in various ways.  Anytime you’d use Cointreau, Grand Marnier, Chambord, St. Germain or other liqueurs try Preserve and see what the depth of flavor brings out in your cocktail.  I love simple cocktails and enjoy Preserve with Gin, Tequila and Vodka in a simple 75/25 ratio.  With Tequila and lime it makes a delicious Preservarita which has been very popular locally.  Some enjoy the ease of mixing Preserve with Soda Water and a fresh lemon.  Please share what you like!

Swaner EcoCenter and Preserve Liqueur information card