Foundations of Flavor – Interactive Tasting Event


2 hour Foundations of Flavor event uses aromatic stimulants to explore where cereal and wood flavors arise and how that balance affects flavor.  We cover mouthfeel, and impact of temperature and pH on flavor.

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This is a unique chance to take a fun dive in to the science of flavor using whiskey as the base for exploring how vanilla, butterscotch, mocha and other flavors balance to form the “water of life”.  We use aroma stimulants and principles of rheology & tribology to build a foundation of understanding of what your body likes and how temperature, pH and other factors play a role.

We’ve been hosting these events as private sessions for two years with tremendous feedback – let us take you on a journey of discovery and exploration.  You will end this session with a better understanding of what creates the elements that you enjoy, how to find those products in an increasingly crowded world of craft spirits and what role environmental factors play in shaping your experience.