Preserve Liqueur partners with Swaner EcoCenter

The Swaner EcoCenter is a source of constant inspiration.  Quick story – my wife and I lived through Hurricane Katrina and lost our home and possessions in the storm.  We loved living on Bayou St. John and taking a part in all the amazing mid-city activities including Jazz Fest, City Park, NOMA and, of course, the historic bayou.  Losing that backyard impressed on us how critical it is that we “preserve” our own community space, what ever shape that may take.  Maybe you can relate with a local park, lake, historic feature or playground?  We’d love to hear your story.

Watching the sunset over the Preserve inspired the creation of Alpine Distilling and my long held desire to carry on my family distilling legacy.  For the remainder of 2017 we will donate 5% of all Preserve sales to the Swaner EcoCenter.  These funds will be used to support their educational efforts, preservation of 1,200 critical wetland green-space and other important initiatives.

I am very grateful for the opportunity to present Preserve as a fund raiser for this well run, fantastic organization and I hope you’ll accept my gratitude in advance for your participation.

Rob Sergent


Swaner EcoCenter and Preserve Liqueur information card