Tastings / Tours

Thank you for your interest in Alpine Distilling’s products and our Foundations of Flavor tasting classes.  Our bespoke Aroma Academy tasting classes will be fun, interesting and educational.  We are honored to have been selected by the prestigious Aroma Academy of Scotland to provide both a Whiskey Aroma Game kit for home use and a full tasting kit for our classes.  We will also carry their Gin and Wine kits which make perfect gifts!

Alpine Aroma Academy

We will offer two tasting opportunities:  a product tasting for which we, by state mandate, will provide straight pours (no cocktails) for a $10 charge at our distillery and, our “Foundations of Flavor” class which will dive in to the chemical make-up of flavor and the role of grains, enzymes, yeasts and wood on whiskey.

We are planning to start scheduling tours and tastings (both offerings) by November of this year and are grateful for your patience while we focus on our production of award-winning spirits and build our tasting program in to one of the highest-value.