Lafayette Spiced Bourbon

we use a finished kentucky bourbon and add Apricot, Primrose and Cinnamon to create this incredibly delicious, “must have” spiced whiskey. Technically a liqueur but bottled at 80 proof - it has enough sweetness to bring new life to classic cocktails such as a boulevardier, whiskey mule (buck) and an old fashioned. quickly mixing one part Lafayette to three parts hot water will change how you look at hot toddies, so easy and ridiculously yummy! try it with ginger beer for a refreshing summer cocktail.

Inspiration for lafayette came from stories i had heard about my great-grandmother, Granny Babe, who would take ripe stonefruit from the farm in scott county, Kentucky and soak them in ‘shine’ to add flavor. when my wife kept telling me that she didn’t like whiskey because it was too “harsh” i figured it’s time to bring that folklore to life and create a high-quality spirit that would bring new drinkers in the to brown-spirits world. happy wife=happy life. bring this to your next party or in a flask for your adventure.

Orthodox Union kosher Certified

all-natural flavorings, sourced bourbon from kentucky, produced and bottled in park city, Utah

SIP Awards: Gold-Medal