Lafayette Spiced Bourbon

Using the classic Kentucky Bourbon mashbill of 75% corn, 21% rye and 4% cut to 80 proof, we add Apricot, Primrose and Cinnamon for the Lafayette spice profile. A culinary principle is to find opposing flavors in order to find taste balance – sweet & sour for example. The key is working with the six tastes and balancing aromatic notes for a special, delicious spirit. In 1,000 gallons of product we use less than 1lb of cinnamon but it’s enough to contrast the sweetness of the Apricot and provides depth that bartenders are using to craft incredibly delicious cocktails. The Primrose exists almost purely as an aromatic note with no noticeable taste influence, but the bouquet explodes with this addition which delights the senses with every pour.

Head distiller Rob Sergent’s Granny Babe grew hemp for the government in the front yard and distilled traditional kentucky moonshine in the back yard. she would take the ripe stonefruit grown on the farm and place them in moonshine for flavoring. Stonefruit can reach over 8% sugar when ripe and was the inspiration for the Gold Medal winning Lafayette Spiced Bourbon Whiskey, which is technically a liqueur. Lafayette Spiced Whiskey is a perfect whiskey for altering classic cocktails, such as boulevardier, or as a gentle introduction to the world of brown spirits on the rocks or neat.

40% alcohol by volume

Kosher, Orthodox Union Certified

SIP Awards: Gold-Medal