Traveler’s REST

This flagship whiskey for Alpine Distilling is 100% malted barley. the malted barley is sourced from Kentucky and cooked in our false bottom hand-made mash ton. When the grain is cooked we use traditional kentucky yeasts to ferment the sugar into ethanol. this low alcohol malt is distilled on a bain marie pot still with a copper whiskey head and a 4 plate column. Rob sergent, head distiller, uses his expertise to make the cuts for the tails which ensures that the correct flavors of baking spices and barnyard/earth will show through after aging. The whiskey is aged in neutral oak and finished with new, toasted French oak to round out the flavor profile with vanilla, mocha, and spice. the first batch employed neutral JAck Daniels Barrels and the latest batch is currently resting in neutral Buffalo Trace Barrels.

This whiskey has won double gold 2017 and 2018 at the international sip awards as well as double gold for new york’s fifty best. among the high international accolades Traveler’s rest has been our best seller since its release in 2017 and continues to sell out upon release. we are all patiently awaiting the next release which is sleeping peacefully at the distillery.

45% alcohol by volume.

Kosher and Union Orthodox Certified.