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Park City, Utah offers the best of everything and sets the bar as high as its mountain peaks. The world-class, mountain resort town is home to the Greatest Snow on Earth, renowned athletes, and impressive innovation; therefore, it’s only fitting that spirits crafted in Park City achieve the same level of excellence. Alpine Distilling strives to do exactly that. We produce the highest quality premium spirits for the active, creative, and mindful individuals who are drawn to this outdoor paradise.

Our stunning surroundings inspire everything we do. Alpine Distilling’s flavorful spirits feature quality grains, natural flavors and sourced botanicals. As a socially conscious brand, we craft our products in a manner that reflects our community’s values while incorporating classic distilling principles and our Kentucky heritage. We create delicious, distinctive flavors that have won prestigious awards and are praised by the world’s most renowned chefs, mixologists, and critics.

Alpine Distilling’s logo pays homage to our beautiful home state by proudly featuring Utah’s iconic state flower, the Sego Lilly.

Taste the Alpine spirit wherever you find yourself.

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Our carefully crafted products strive to capture the alpine spirit of Park City, Utah while staying true to Kentucky distilling traditions. They are what make Alpine Distilling a unique ski town distillery.

Preserve Liqueur

The rich, restorative qualities of Park City’s alpine environment can be tasted in every sip, accompanied by a well-balanced sweetness and velvety warmth. This tea, fruit and spice liqueur has been recognized by bartenders, chefs, sommeliers and drinkers around the world as a delightful spirit. The versatility of Preserve Liqueur is limitless – drink it on its own, as an ingredient in your favorite cocktail, or add to a glass off bubbly.Having earned a Platinum Award at the 2016 SIP Awards confirms our belief that Preserve Liqueur is the world’s best, most versatile cordial.

Spiced Flavored Whiskey
The complex mix of flavors makes this unique bourbon-whiskey the preferred drink for those who like to balance classic with contemporary and aren’t afraid to deviate from tradition. This has also been celebrated as the whiskey for those who never before enjoyed the spirit. Primrose adds a local, floral note to this aged and full-bodied bourbon-whiskey, which won a Gold Award at the 2016 SIP Awards.
Traveler’s Rest American Single Malt Whiskey – 88 Proof
North American high protein, high enzyme 6-row barley is chosen for this rich, nutty single malt whiskey. Taking cue from the great Highland Scotch whiskies, we use only malted barley in our mashbill and age in used Missouri Oak, Jack Daniels barrels. A secondary aging is performed with charred French Oak in Park City before bottling.
Traveler’s Rest American Single Malt Whiskey – Barrel Proof
Sinfully delicious at barrel-strength, pure mocha and nutty notes complement the rich barley flavor. Resting in used Jack Daniels barrels for less than two years adds nuanced vanilla flavors which result in a “chocolaty, sweeter scotch whisky flavor.” If you’ve tasted a better whiskey, you’re living a charmed life!
Persistent Vodka
Using demineralized, slightly acidic water creates a crisp
flavor that is delightful over ice or as a neutral spirit in
cocktails. Six times distilled for a smooth finish.






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